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» StompBox Madness!

StompBox Madness!

madness Here is this Weeks Stompbox Pic!





“Little” John Chaney

Morning Glory, Mobius, Earthquaker, Polytune, E.P. all available at MME!


Tim Baily’s Pedal Board¬†

This board is serious!

Custom audio electronics wah,exotic special compressor,Erie ball volume pedal,keeler modded boss ds1,nobles odrs,waller clarksdale,nobles odr1,analog man modded boss eq,mxr chorus, boss tu3 tuner,mxr carbon copy delay,line 6 echo park delay,keeley modded boss tremolo,line 6 m5,custom audio electronics boost. To David laboratory 10 ft guitar cables,George l’s patch cables,pedal train classic pro pedalboard with road case


Kevin Cool’s Pedal Board

Stomp Under Foot “Mountain Goat”, JHS Morning Glory, E.H. Hog, Strymon and many many more!

kevinc kevinc2










Larry Murphy’s Pedal Board

Xotic, Fuzzface, MXR, BOSS.. All available at MME!




Here is our good buddy Chuck Childers rockin board.

Complete with Stomp Under Foot, Earthquaker Devices, TC Electronics, Xotics and More!


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